We know each day wears you off, with the excess, the extremes, the rush, the overindulgence, and the myriad questions that lead nowhere. If you could shun them all and be surrounded by embracing essential, wouldn’t it be liberating?

Bodhi, is not only a brand but a revolutionary vision, keeping up with the modern hustle through its way out of defilement. To get rid of the unnecessary, to experience real freedom in the less, only to find more. To get rid of labels, the make-believe half truths, undue modern criticism, to be the Unadulterated Raw Self as you were intended to be.

When all else fails and doubts pollute your individual uniqueness, Bodhi remains a constant reminder to your innate awareness, urging you to wash off the superfluousness to reveal your true radiant and passionately real self.

The most difficult questions have found answers in simple jars of Bodhi, a brand that curates the organic goodness, our Know-It-All Mother Nature creates. Also the philosophy, the products be non-toxic and cruelty-free, cause isn’t it how your life should be?


We, at Bodhi,are the dreamers, the readers, the advocates of freedom, the wind for wings, the free flowing abstract that cannot be boxed. We care for our body and mind alike, we are because we know. We know because we unlearn the false characters designated to us. We reject the masquerading to- good-be true, the itching maximalists’ long lists of chemical ingredients clogging up our minds, ideas and skins alike. We sync with intelligent ingredients lapped in unbiased nature who bless all genders and people alike no matter how different we may be from one another. At Bodhiwe are homed by a common root to our ever branching selves, at Bodhi weare homed in peaceful minimalism.