Your Eye Care Guide

It’s pacific when the arc of your smile meets your eyes! Your frail skin around your eyes conveys many emotions and ordinary protection of night cream isn’t enough for it Buy eye care products to free your skin from the battles of premature signs of aging. We need a toxic free carbon neutral eye cream to permeate our skin with moisture and life.

  • Why an eye Cream?

    Skin around your eyes is stupendously delicate and 10 times thinner than the rest of your face skin.  It calls for extra care and attention to it. You may pile up your skin with chaos of concealer and mascara to veil the premature signs of aging, but your tender skin simply craves for a permanent fix. 

  • The paramount exercise of your eyes in your common hustle and routine struggle often leaves dark circles, fine lines and puffiness around your delicate area. The thinness and delicacy of our skin under eyes makes it more prone to moisture loss.

  • Eye Creams are especially formulated to treat wrinkles, eye bags and puffiness of our sensitive skin without any irritation.

Tips for eye care:

Moisturizing is key

Our imperfections are exaggerated at our thin skin due to loss of moisture. Apply creams with squalane and hyaluronic acid components to maintain the moisture balance. Hyaluronic acid pulls moisture to your skin while squalane ensures moisture retention for long.

Organic extracts with vitamins

Eye care creams with organic extracts like cucumber, neem and vitamin A, E and C are staple to your eyes. They brighten and depuff your under eyes.

Eye creams with collagen peptides

Collagens are abundant proteins of our body, when they deteriorate, peptides signal the skin to produce additional collagen. It smoothes fine lines and plums your skin.

Adequate sleep

Since our eyes are never at rest while we are awake, we need ample sleep to relax our eye muscles and let it function organically. 

Gentle massage

Gently massage your under eyes with eye cream or natural moisturizers like aloe vera before sleeping.

Bodhi brings you the ethically and naturally sources solution for your eye bags and fine lines. We strive for liberating gender neutral blends to fight our modern problems. We aspire equality and put forth skin care products for men, women and for all other communities. Break the barrier by taking up solutions for all.

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